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We can accept special constructions in handmade ecclesiastical articles. For this reason we stand out for our originality but also for our quality.
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Our company Strikoudis A. & Co. EE, has been active in the field of church products for 40 years. All our products stand out for their quality, originality and variety of designs. Our only goal is to serve every need of our customers with respect and responsibility. Our many years of experience and our respect for our distinguished customers, make us responsible for the production of excellent products, your excellent service and the complete satisfaction of your purchasing needs. Our company imports and exports worldwide. In this site you can find a wide variety of ecclesiastical items such as crosses, gospels, icons, cages, candles, incense burners, reliquaries, breadbaskets, chains, ostrich eggs, bacteria, rings, despotic matrices, biceps, discus candlesticks, oilcloths, reliquaries, tongs, tweezers, cufflinks, perfume bottles, sprinkler buckles, chanter lanterns, tassels, handles, lighters. Our company sends nationwide and all over the world the products you are interested in after consultation with us. We will be happy to assist you.

Sincerely, Strikoudis A. & Co. EE


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9th Str., Vlali (Kapani)Thessaloniki, 54624, Greece

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