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For online shopping through the online store the payment is made:

1) Cash on delivery. You receive your order through Courier company or post office and pay the price at the time of receipt (in case you choose transfer by transport or KTEL, there is no cash on delivery payment). This way works only for Greece. There is no possibility of cash on delivery for foreign countries. Cash on delivery service costs € 7.00 for small packages and up to 2Kg weight for mainland Greece. For inaccessible areas, for islands, as well as for parcels of larger volume or weight, the transport is charged by arrangement, and if you have chosen the courier company, the transport.

2) By deposit in a bank account. The deposit can be made in the following accounts:

Strikoudis Alexandros & SIA EE

In case of deposit, you must send the receipt via e-mail to so that we can track your payment. Otherwise you can send us the details:

1) Deposit bank
2) Date / time of deposit
3) Name
4) Deposit amount

This way we will be able to track your payment immediately and proceed with the shipment of your order.

ATTENTION: Remember to put the same SURNAME with which you placed the order, as a reason for deposit and to deposit the exact amount of the order.

3) With cash in case of receipt from the store.

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